The audios are organised under two themes: Places and Moments.

Places are sound studies, field recordings, soundscapes and electro-acoustic compositions produced in various places. With an anthropological approach, Places explore the acoustic and social soundscapes of chosen sites and locations.

Hammam - Taroudant

Hammam, Taroudant 2014, is a 4 minutes piece that explores the acoustic musicality of a hammam (public bath) in Taroudant, Morocco. Recorded in the oldest hammam on the city, the traditional architecture features three rooms surmounted by hemispherical vaulted domes. With the highly reflective surface of the interior, and the watery environment, the place produces long resonances, as well as various layers and echoes. Accentuating and slightly distorting these acoustic qualities, the composition enriches the voices of the woman, their words, and intonations, laughs and lively gestures, to produce a vibrant polyphonic sonic experience of Taroudant’s public bath.

More places to come soon (audio under maintenance).