ETUDE FOR LISTENER is a project started in 2014.

Investigating the acoustic qualities of selected locations, the project is a poetic invitation to wander into the urban spaces and experiment with various modes of listening.

Through observing the relationship between public places and their sonic environment, each etude takes a certain perspective and produces a set of concepts and ideas in which the listening experience is framed. The compositional aspects are centred on the listeners and the musicality of the environment.

By drawing attention to specific places, sounds and sound phenomena, and creating the corresponding walks, each etude is in itself an accompaniment to the listening experience of the audience. Here, the musical score becomes the spatial field where people come and stop, then listen, and compose music by themselves within the surrounding soundscape.

ETUDE FOR LISTENER n°1 exploits the architecture of a bridge in Amsterdam Zuid to composes a listening walk that studies the velocity and behaviour of moving sounds at different locations around the bridge.

Permanent installation, Amsterdam Zuid (NL), 2014.

Color engraved RVS plates, various dimensions. Guided sound walks.