Multichannel sound installation – Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2013.

Spatial composition played through 64 suspended microphones – used as speakers, and amplified through 12 handmade DIY circuits.

The composition explores the sound stream of speech, and focuses on the process of formation and appearance of syllables.


The work is displayed through a grid structure that is 8×8 meters.

Like in graphic design, the grid is the fundamental element that structures both the sculptural and, the compositional aspects of the work.

The grid is composed of four different modules.
Those four modules assemble the microphones in square to form an inverted 3D pyramid.

The audience can move in and out of the pyramid to listen to the moving voices being played.

The grid is also used as the musical score for the composition of the musical piece and its spatiality.

The musical composition explores the sound stream of speech and the process of formation and appearance of syllables within languages.

For the composition, I recorded 8 different voices speaking in 8 different languages (English, Icelandic, Japanese, Farsi, Hebrew, Dutch, French, Brazilian Portuguese).
I then, meticulously, identified and isolated the vocal formation and physiological process of vocalizing syllables, in order to create a rich material of ‘notes’ to compose with.
Organically assembling and playing with those ‘notes’, I created and spatially composed an abstract musical piece that renders the natural sound waves of the syllabification.