Sound Studies are a central part of my ‘research based practice’ in sound and listening, soundscapes and sound environments.

My studies address specific aspects of the philosophies of sound and listening with a particular attention to acoustics, psycho-acoustics, subtle acoustics and psychoacoustics phenomena, frequencies, harmonics and the quantum nature of sound.

Through soundscape studies and experimental sound studies, I attempt to more holistically and organically understand the nature of sound and acoustics; and the relationship between sound, space and the human perception.

My sound studies and researches are regularly presented to the public through lectures and publications.

Portugal, Azores 2017 – Sound studies #4.

Some wood is being cut across the lake from where I am standing.
The wood cutting machine produces ongoing sounds that travels over the lake.
The drone-sounds are displaying interesting behaviours in time.

Long and deep listening tune my ears to the vibrations of the emitted sounds.
Over a long period of time, the frequencies of the sound start to singularise. They becomes more and more distinctive and audible. They separate within the spectrum from low to high frequencies. They give colors to the unified vibrations emitted from the cutting machine. They now behave as sound particles that unified within different waves of frequencies.

Each frequency start to separate and individualise its behaviour. My ears can trace their movements, rotations, and clearly identify their final placements over the lake.