Sonic Garden is an on-going project that started in 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Conceived as a series of urban interventions and public dérives (drifts), Sonic Garden combines the subjective experience of listening with the objective features of the urban environment to explore the acoustic musicality of urban places.

Following the steps of the “art of wandering”, the approach consists of constructing situations or moments, for the purpose of reawakening the feeling of life. Here, the experience is based on the sonic environment, and therefore engage the participants in active listening.

By drawing attention to specific places, sounds and sound phenomena, and creating the corresponding soundwalks, each Sonic Garden encourages and guides the listening experience of the audience.

Sonic Garden #1: Bridge, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2014.

Plates with a soundmap and listening guidelines, are installed on the site to guide the listeners.